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Shoreline attorney helps people in their applications for permanent residency status

Rich Immigration delivers knowledgeable counsel for immigrants who wish to establish permanent residency in the United States. Often referred to as a “green card,” this designation allows people to reside in, and return to, the United States for life. Various factors can affect your ability to become a permanent resident, including:

  • Marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • A close family relationship to a citizen or permanent resident
  • Specific employment experience or skills
  • A job offer within the United States
  • Employment with the U.S. government in a foreign country
  • The existence or threat of child abuse
  • Length of time living in the United States without criminal violations
  • Political unrest or persecution in one’s home country

We take the time to understand each client’s circumstances to create a strategy that gives them the best chance to remain in the country.

Dedicated lawyer guiding people through the residency process

Establishing permanent residency in the United States usually begins with a visa petition from a spouse, relative or potential employer. This sets forth your reasons for requesting a green card. From there, the process can be very quick or take several years depending upon your circumstances. Our attorney has the background to estimate how your application will be handled based on the type of petition, your individual attributes and the number of green cards available to citizens of your home country.

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